Art, Freedom, and Creativity, will change society faster than politics. – Victor Pinchuk

Is the freedom to express creativity the vehicle that changes our society?  Is there a new renaissance on the horizon?  How can creative individuals define who we really are?  Is it the shout that is encased within the art, the music, innovative ideas from new entrepreneurs who are building bridges to new communities?  With Entrepreneur/Author Patrick Anthony Howell, and Co-Purveyor of the Global International African Arts Movement.  Artist Milton Bowens an Oakland-born artist, activist, and a teacher examining race in history and culture. Artist Karen Seneferu and one of the organizers of The Black Woman Is God, a movement-building platform activated by live performance and community cypher that celebrates the black female presence as the highest spiritual form. and Malik Seneferu (Black Love Matters), a self-taught and extremely prolific African-American artist that has created more than 1,000 different pieces of artwork in the past 25 years.

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