From Samuel Delany and Octavia Butler, the ranks of Afro futurists creative’s have grown.  With Black Panther being the first major superhero movie and Netflix’s release of Black Lightning and they just picked up a show centered around a single black mother who’s raising a black 7-year-old kid who has superpowers. “Afro-futurism is a literary and cultural aesthetic that combines elements of science fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, Afro-centrism, and magic realism with non-Western cosmologies.

Cultural Critic, Mark Dery galvanized a generation of artists and intellectuals when he argued during the 1990s that African-Americans whose histories had been obscured by slavery and racism were in danger of being written out of the future as well — unless they engaged the areas of art, literature, and technology through which that future was being envisioned.  I believe we are successfully writing ourselves into the future of America and politics through Afro-futurism.

Join our conversation with Host C. Stene Duckworth, Publisher of Vertikal Life Magazine and Author/Entrepreneur Patrick A. Howell.  Poet/Essayist Ishmael Scott Reed, Founder of AFROTOPIA, and former candidate for mayor of Detroit Ingrid LaFleur,  Author Ytasha Womack who encourages the use of the imagination to transform one’s circumstances, and Actress Tori Reid, daughter of Actor/Producer Tim Reid.

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