Magda Ayuk is a poet, a self-care and financial literacy advocate, and a journalist. Her writing is underpinned by spirituality, race, gender, and love. In her free time, she flirts with the art of burlesque, music, and theater.

Her book of poetry and prose, Blue Bird, is both a political statement and a spiritual journey to self-love and healing in the face of oppression.  Blue Bird exposes the beauty and the ugly of the human experience by exploring the topics of race, gender, and love under the umbrella of freedom. Blue Bird officially launches April 17, 2018, which is appropriate with April being National Poetry Month.  Magda is currently based in Seoul, South Korea. You can find more of her work on Instagram Magda Ayuk

Tuesday, May 8th 12:00 PM Pacific/MST – 3:00 PM EST  Dial in or SKYPE at 1.929.477.2552 #1