Nanishka Torres is an author whom wrote the first draft of  Fenrir Chronicles: “The Prince” when she was seventeen-years-old. Being an avid reader she noticed a lack of heroes from the LGBTQ community, especially ones whose sexuality did not drive the plot of the story. She wanted a hero whose sexuality had nothing to do with the struggles they were facing because that’s the world we should be living in. She can talk about gay characters in books and literature, how they deserve a world where their struggles are NOT the case and the main focus of the story. They simply have compelling stories like everyone else. It doesn’t always have to be a “coming out” story.

Join host C. Stene Duckworth, and featured guest Author Nanishka Torres    We will discuss the inspiration for this incredible, timely fantasy adventure. As well as the amazing world of Fenrir revealed in the book, and the realistic characters that you’ll fall in love with the story.

Saturday, January 20th,  11:00 AM MST – 12:00 PM Central – 1:00 PM EST

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Intro Music – All I Need  by Sophia Ben Yousef

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